Good and Bad experiance at first time in the country

Gerd Schenk 5 years ago 0
Now Myanmar has realy the chance to avoid all the normal mistaks for a country who opens up.
There are signs it goes there,In Hostels the breakfast is often genuine lokal,healthy and I enjoyt it,only some Ozies screamed"I want bread"meaning this white "rubber bread" So keep your culture and leave the  TV free of stupid western nonsens  vidio clips. Complaints:got a ferry ticket to Bagan from Mandalay Tourist office(for the 8th of Jan.),my seat was sold twice,the ferry left late and was in Bagan 2 houers late.As my pretty new Map (from T.O.)indicated the busstation is close to the Jetty I started walking into the night.
But the busstation is on a new location now ,far away.So I could not catch my bus to Yangon that night.
 The rason I was in such a hurry, my daughter needet assistance in Australia and the IN in Mandaly was desruptet with and wthout power cuts all 3 days I was there. The IN in Bagan I was informed was not working for the last 3 month.So I coul not  book a hotel for Yangon which I tried to reach as quick as I could.Yangon has pretty good working IN .
In Yangon the pigons seems sacret and getting well fed all the time,does the Dep. of Health not get worried about desise from the dead and living birds who are there every day en mass?
   City Buses driving like on a race track when the road is clear but it is still dangerous in a city where many people dont adhere to road rules.
  I wish this country a lot of good luck with the huge tasks ahead-I just would give up to bring 120 ethnic groups under one umbrella(anderstand I am 77)
regards Gerd