Help! Itinerary required!

Clare Dunne 7 years ago updated by MrGulliver 7 years ago 1

Hi there,

I am thinking about visiting, alone, Myanmar/Burma in late August and want to get the most out of my trip. Where is unmissable? How long should I spend? What is the best way to travel and to which parts (boat for some, bus for others etc.) Any top tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

If you are planning to visit temples in Burma "Bagan" will suit you right, if you want to stay on the beach for a while, don't miss to go "Ngapali Beach". You should spend at least 10 days for your trip.

Furthermore, transportation tips and ideas, take some advices from Burma's travel operator companies.

Last time I visit to Burma, I went there with the tour operator company. It was such a memorable trip to Burma.
So, my advice is that, contact the trustful tour operators from Burma, and they will give you some advices and help you with your own customized itinerary.

And, It will be so much easier if you choose the right travel agency for the whole trip. Try some of this agents and ask them for the itinerary - http://www.myanmarheritagetravel.com/

The last time I visit, my travel agent was Golden Auspicius travel. - this one - http://www.goldenauspiciousmyanmar.com/

They will send you back some suggestions and advices for free, but if you like their tour program and just want to travel with them like me. Just ask them for the itinerary and contact with them.

Hope this will help you.

Have a nice day