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Here you can discuss all questions related to EcoBurma and travel to Burma / Myanmar. Please read these rules before you start:

In this forum, you can ask a question, post answers to existing questions, share your experiences, or vote other peoples' posts up or down. For all that you need to register or log in first. This can be done via your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.

  • This forum is about travel to Burma / Myanmar (with a strong focus on responsible or ethical travel) and about the project EcoBurma, which is located at  and at .
  • We request that you don't post commercial advertising or self-promotion. Strictly charitable initiatives are welcome, if their goals are in line with ours.
  • We don't have any support staff to answer questions but we will try to help as much as we can. Please also help us answer other people's questions.
  • If you see any post that is offensive, racist, off-topic or spam, or that advocates violence you can report it for removal.
  • We don't accept any responsibility for content and links posted by the users of this forum, and providing this platform does not automatically mean that we endorse their opinions or guarantee the accuracy of information posted.

Our four general commenting rules apply:

Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic. No spam.

Please understand that any post that violates these rules will be removed and their authors may be banned.

Enjoy your stay! 

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