Bad practice where you would least expect it

Although Fodor's prides itself on giving us the "best information", their forum's moderators seem to perceive their task as a full-fledged censorship board. A post that did nothing else but pointing readers to the EcoBurma website has been removed and the account canceled, although it was clearly in line with Fodor's own proclaimed forum rules: no profanity or vulgar language, no attacks, no inflammatory material, clearly about travel, no commercial posting, no copyrighted material, certainly not monopolizing the board, and no provocation, apart from possibly provoking the Burmese regime! 

The only feature that made the unfortunate post different from others that were allowed to stay is that it was not about satisfying the needs of tourists, but about the rights of the people at the destinations. It must be concluded that responsible travel is not in line with Fodor's mission. 

I have sent a request for clarification on 30 October 2011. As soon as I receive an answer, I will post it here.