Travel to Burma with a vehicle

Ma Rek 7 years ago updated by loken rabera 6 years ago 9


we will be travelling through South-East Asia by car at the end of the year. We would like to drive through Burma from India and continue to Thailand or Laos. I know it has been impossible so far, but I have noticed that recently a group of motorcyclists managed to do that. 

Could you recommend somebody to talk to regarding this possibility? 



Hi Ma Rek!

From what I've sourced the only possible on land point of entry for foreigners is the chinese border crossing at Ruili which can be used only for entering the country (not for leaving it..) and still you need to book a special tour (with group, guide..) for that so the option to cross as individual is highly problematic.. anyway, situation might have changed and may change even further.

I am planning to cycle through India to Burma (or through China to Burma) and further down SE by bike, but so far Burma proves to be a bit of connundrum (if you don't want to fly). Perhaps you could track down those motorcyclists and find out more?


Thanks for the info, skinny. 

Any updates on this, Ma? Sounds like a wonderful trip.  Thanks!

Hi Steven. We have decided to change our route and not go to SE Asia for now for various reasons. We will travel through Central and South America instead. If the conditions are relaxed next year, we will consider coming back home to Europe through Asia.

Thanks Ma Rek. I hope your travels go well.  Will you be keeping a weblog? 

We plan to, just haven't decided on the name yet :) I will try to remember and post it here when it is ready, if you are interested.

Thanks again. Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Oh... And yes, I am interested.

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